Illustrator. Character Designer. Video Editor.
Voice Actress. Game Developer.


Hi, I'm Prima. I'm 27 years old. I'm a nonbinary trans woman, and my pronouns are she/her and they/them. I identify as bigender.I have two amazing boyfriends, Blaine and Arin! We're in a closed polyamorous triad
[aka we're all dating each other and don't intend to date anyone else].
I love both of my boyfriends very much ♡
I'm a creator who loves designing characters, participating in fandoms, and indulging in self-insertion.Currently I'm working on my own visual novel: Apples to Ashes. It's a romantic, erotic thriller game about you and your coworker. (18+)I have a lot of interests, but currently I've been making a lot of art for indie games. Here's some of my latest interests:-Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack
-Seven Bloody Nights
-Spooky Month
-yanderes in general
-Gravity Falls
-The Owl House
*I'm an adult, and I've got a good bit of trauma on my hands I cope with accordingly. I do not condone questionable or dangerous behavior/actions outside of fiction.I DO NOT SUPPORT THE PRESENCE AND OR PARTICIPATION OF MINORS WITHIN ADULT WORKS OR THEIR FANDOM SPACES.



Services and Pricing
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The commissioned art belongs to the client upon completion but is only permitted for personal use (ex. posting online, printing out for display, etc.). No profits may be made on commissioned work by the client unless otherwise contractually negotiated with PRIMARVELOUS before the start of work. Commissioned pieces, if not requested or negotiated otherwise prior, are permitted for use as examples of PRIMARVELOUS’ work.
Once work beyond the sketch has been approved and begun, the commission becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. Due to the highly communicative nature of commission work, refunds are not permittable after work has been put in, and the artist already reserves the right to cancel or refuse the commission before the point of non-refundability for reasons such as poor communication or disagreeable terms. Customers must agree to this policy when commissioning PRIMARVELOUS.
The client agrees to allowing the artist to complete the commission in a timely manner NOT to exceed 6 months, and to discussing priority and/or paying a rush fee if desired. The client agrees to the commission timeline as deemed by PRIMARVELOUS, which allows for clients to approve and make changes at the sketch phase of the commission.
Any violation of these terms and conditions gives the artist the right to pursue damages.

Voiceover by PRIMA HALL

Character Work: 50.00 USD per hourWielding a unique and versatile voice, Prima is able to perform for a variety of characters. Her ability to portray on both ends of the vocal spectrum will leave you pleasantly surprised. She is especially excited for the opportunity to bring life to a growing list of gender-nonconforming characters.Age Range: Young and teenage boys, Young adult men, Young adult to middle-aged women

For information on video-editing commissions, check out my video editing portfolio.Latest Trailer:


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